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2014 GM SQE award, 2014 General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence GM honors GRC excellence
In a ceremony in Qingdao, China . . .
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2014 Nexteer Product Quality award Nexteer awards perfect quality and launch excellence
GRC was pleased to be honored by . . .
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Flocked Flex-shaft GRC Flocked Flex-shaft arrives
Spinning to success, GRC . . .
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Mechanical Control Cable Manufacturer in Michigan

Grand Rapids Controls' long-standing company mission is to design, engineer, and manufacture goods of superior quality and value using teamwork and technology in a customer-driven environment.

Since 1968, GRC has been at the forefront of the motion-control mechanical cable industry, connecting your customers to your products through an innovative and holistic approach to your project’s needs. Our award-winning cable products are the direct result of a collaborative effort that is grounded in diverse knowledge, based onsound engineering and science,and reaches across industries to make us experts in both our clients' and their consumers' needs.

Superior Customer Service and Attention to Detail

GRC is a global leader with international project management solutions for all your cable production needs. Superior customer service and extraordinary attention to detail are our highest priorities. We pride ourselves on having the most responsive, proactive team of engineers and support staff in the industry. Our product expertise, production technology, and top-notch support team make us a leader in the motion control, mechanical, and electro-mechanical cable manufacturing industry. Our services also ensure a stress-free product development cycle since we partner with our customers to assist them from initial concept to the final product launch.

Excellence in Design and Engineering—From Automotive to Office to Aerospace

Our breadth of experience across the automotive, aerospace, office, and military industries gives us a unique perspective. Our skilled engineers produce cutting-edge in-house designs that are tightly woven into our vertically integrated manufacturing systems to provide customer-friendly products.

Our collaborative approach means our engineers are dedicated to working with you to produce the most cost-effective and reliable cable product possible, which will improve your product’s performance and elevate your customer’s experience with your brand.

Award-Winning Production and Quality

With operations headquarters in the U.S. and China, our quality-driven domestic and international manufacturing capabilities stretch across the globe. We are experts in the logistics of production and project management and can support your business and your project on your schedule, in any time zone, worldwide. Our cable products have consistently won awards for quality and excellence in production over the past five years running.

Our company’s mission is to produce an unparalleled product that will boost your product's reputation and improve your business’ bottom line.

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