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Our rich history...
1968   Invented unique process to produce bowden conduit
1968   Designed and built first production cables for car mirrors
1971   First supplier to produce all plastic hood releases for Buick and Ford
1978   Developed cable drive power sunroof application for Cadillac
1985   Opened internal test lab for part development
1988   Invented first cable controls for Office Furniture Industry Seating
1988   Invented process to cut and square high quality flexshaft
1990   Awarded first US patent for 5mm diameter long lay conduit
1991   Invented bird-cage conduit for auto door anti-theft cables
1992   Created machine and tool building department
1997   Invented automatic gaging for insert molding quality control
1999   Designed and built first automatic bird-cage strand cutter
2005   Started dedicated R&D department
2005   Designed, built, and launched process for mass customization of standardized cables
2007   Designed, built, and launched standardized push / stake process
2009   Patented energy storage for seats (SCM)
2010   Designed and launched first Aerospace solution
           Receive Johnson Controls Bronze award
2011   Developed on-line CableBuilder™
           Receive Lear Supplier of the Year award
2012   Designed and Launched first Defense Industry solution
           Recieve Johnson Controls Silver award
2013   Developed remote recline release - R3
           Receive Johnson Controls silver award
           Received Lear Supplier of the Year award
           Receive Herman Miller Bronze award
2014   Launched flocking process for flex-shaft
           Receive GM Supplier Quality Excellence award
           Receive Herman Miller Bronze award
           Receive Nexteer Perfect Quality award
2015   Receive Nexteer Perfect Quality award
           Receive GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award

... and more to come!

Providing High-Quality Mechanical Control Cable Systems Globally

At Grand Rapids Controls, we hold ourselves to a high standard. We know that our clients strive to deliver excellent products to the consumer, and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver the same excellence in the components that go into our customers' products. For nearly half a century, Grand Rapids Controls has exceeded our own exacting standards and developed an unparalleled reputation for quality, as well as establishing services that take a product from concept to launch.


When it comes to quality control cable systems, we know that consistency and quality are highly valued by our customers. Our customer base spans multiple industry sectors, including aerospace, office, automotive, and defense, giving us a unique perspective that can only come from our diverse experience. We take a holistic approach to every interaction. We start with understanding the needs of each customer as well as their market and building on our extensive experience to develop innovative products that connect consumers to their desires. We are there from the discovery and design phase of the product, through the prototype phase and the testing and refining process, all the way to the point where the product is in production. This allows us to free our customers from worry.


Over the years, Grand Rapids Controls has continually pushed the envelope, innovating and improving at every turn. Our products were the first to be included in power sliding van door cable systems in the automobile industry and cable-driven adjustable back height control in the office furniture industry. We offer die-casting, decorating, and everything in between, as well as environmental analysis and acoustical testing. The diversity and depth of our knowledge, our global footprint, and our track record of developing the capabilities our customers need has kept us at the forefront of our industry.


Our results are a testament to our approach, as well as our relentless pursuit of increased, innovative, and adaptive capabilities. Our customers come to us with a goal, a problem that needs solving, or even just a bright idea. We apply our knowledge and expertise to get results consistently. For example, when our automotive clients came to us and explained that their customers wanted a single handle remote recline release to recline their seats, we immediately set to work. Our efforts resulted in a small and lightweight cable control system that gives the driver or passenger an ergonomically located mechanical interface that can be easily customizable to work with many vehicle architectures. We pride ourselves on problem solving and meeting needs in creative ways at every step of the process.

Grand Rapids Controls is on the cutting edge because we demand nothing less of ourselves. Contact us today to see why some of the world's largest companies trust us to deliver every time.

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