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One handle to provide flip, fold, tumble and recline.

  • Mechanism travel variation
  • Release force variation 
  • Child release under 20N

  • Integrated 1-handle system
  • Energy storage
  • Central tolerance control
  • 20N push-button release

Aerospace Control Cable Systems in the United States and China

Grand Rapids Controls has been creating aerospace control cable systems and other product solutions to meet the challenges of industry leading companies. Our services are in the United States. Our North America operations headquarters are in Michigan. We are proud of our partnerships with major corporations such as General Motors, Herman Miller, and Gulfstream.

Aerospace Control Cables

When it comes to the aerospace industry, we understand how to provide our clients with solutions that will ensure their customers experience ultimate comfort. We know how to create seating and customization options that meet customers' needs while creating a relaxing environment that they will want to revisit time and again. With our holistic approach, we take the time to hear our clients' concerns and create a solution that is specifically tailored towards addressing their unique challenges. When faced with the challenge of developing an actuator that was inexpensive, safe, user-friendly, and equipped with a hold-open feature, we met the problem head on by designing a unique product that satisfied our buyers and prevented stewardess from getting injured. When we needed to create a guide tube that was durable, efficient, easy to use and less expensive to produce, we did so by developing an integrated guide tube. This innovative tube cut down on assembly time, lowered efforts, and made it more efficient to manufacture.

Mechanical Control Cables and Actuators

As experts in mechanical control cables and actuators, we use our full suite of design technology to create a unique solution that meets your needs. We offer a complete design product engineering, and testing services. We also provide prototype testing, stress analysis and validation. Our areas of expertise include mechanical control cables, latch-release, clutch, and kinetic energy systems, as well as seat control and motion modules.


Once we have thoroughly discussed your needs and concerns, we will create a one of a kind solution that achieves your desired results. We then develop a prototype, which we rigorously test and refine until it exceeds your expectations. After selecting the proper tools to create the product and sourcing the necessary materials, we create an error-proofed assembly process. This process ensures that your product is produced efficiently and that the end result meets your goals. Our manufacturing capabilities include riveting, swaging, heat staking, two-shot molding, and die casting.

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