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One handle to provide flip, fold, tumble and recline.

  • Mechanism travel variation
  • Release force variation 
  • Child release under 20N

  • Integrated 1-handle system
  • Energy storage
  • Central tolerance control
  • 20N push-button release

Automotive Control Cable Systems produced in North America and China and shipped throughout the world

As a leading producer of control cables and actuators, Grand Rapids Controls focuses on solving problems with innovative solutions. We work diligently to secure an excellent partnership between our clients and us. We are proud to have produced innovative, industry-leading solutions for the aerospace and office products industries, as well as automotive control cable systems. We have been creating products to meet customer needs, and we continually refine our processes to make sure that we create the highest-quality products. Our North America operations headquarters is located in Michigan.

 Automotive Control Cables

With production facilities in the United States and China, we have assembly experts with extensive knowledge in product development, manufacturing and material science. We focus on every detail of each automotive control cable to ensure that we are a reliable supplier to some of the largest companies in the world. Faced with the challenge of creating a power drive system that meets the OEM specification at a lower cost, we developed a solution with increased operational speed that met difficult specifications and was less expensive.

Mechanical Control Cables and Actuators

Our integrated capabilities ensure that all of our mechanical control cables and actuators are of the highest quality, and they have helped us innovate many industry-first solutions. Some of our innovations include synchronized office chair armrest adjusters, lumbar cables for automotive seating, and power sliding van door cable systems. When it comes to developing new solutions, we pay close attention to every step of the process from designing the concept to launching the final product. We employ a vast array of technology including 3D CAD design and support, mold flow analysis, sound and durability testing, production cost analysis, and product prototype building to provide you with all of the services you need.

Automated Assembly

Our automated assembly process ensures each of our products is consistently high-quality. No matter the obstacle, we can take it on with capabilities including plastic injection molding, zinc die casting, ultrasonic welding, riveting, extrusion, and flocking. Our holistic approach makes us the ideal partner for any company and we are proud to supply products to industry leaders such as Herman Miller, General Motors, and Gulfstream.

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