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One handle to provide flip, fold, tumble and recline.

  • Mechanism travel variation
  • Release force variation 
  • Child release under 20N

  • Integrated 1-handle system
  • Energy storage
  • Central tolerance control
  • 20N push-button release

Office Furniture Cable Control Systems produced in North America and China and shipped throughout the world

At Grand Rapids Controls, we face industry challenges head on by creating innovative solutions such as office furniture control cable systems. Our products are made to last, and we deliver them fast. We are proud to have developed many industry-first solutions and our attention to detail and continual striving for improvement ensures that our products are always of the highest quality. We produce products in both the United States and China. Our North America operations headquarters is in the heart of North American Office furniture country Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Office Furniture Cable Control Systems

When you have an office furniture problem that you can't solve, let us help. We have been developing cutting-edge products for our partner companies since 1968. When faced with creating a remote lumbar adjustment mechanism, we faced challenges such as trying to improve the ergonomics and the look and feel of the office chair, while also providing secure position change. We faced this obstacle by creating a mechanism with an innovative clutch design that provided an enhanced ergonomic position and cosmetic appeal to consumers. When a chair needed a reliable clutch that produced no objectionable noise, we created one using a unique spring material that was silent while also eliminating back drive.

Mechanical Control Cables and Actuators

We have been responsible for many firsts such as the cable-driven adjustable back height control, lumbar cables in automotive and office furniture seating, and small diameter stranded conduit. We are proud to create products that exceed expectations, and we do this by utilizing cutting-edge technologies including 3D CAD design, VA/VE, R&M, and test fixture designing and building. We put our products through rigorous testing including environmental, and durability testing, as well as mold flow, resin moisture, and production cost analyses.

Automated Assembly

Our process begins with discovering our clients' needs and designing a solution that produces results. We then create a prototype, which undergoes extensive testing and refining. We tool and source the product, and then automate the assembly process as needed to create consistent, high-quality products at a successful pace. Our company employs many different manufacturing processes including plastic molding, ultrasonic welding, zinc die casting, and flocking.

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