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If you need to transmit motion in a non-linear fashion mechanical control cables are an inexpensive solution. At GRC, we utilize high quality galvanized and stainless steel stranded wire ropes along with plastic lined conduits for efficiency. As a result, motion can be transferred over long distance to perform work. In addition, we have an extensive assortment of conduit and strand end fittings to provide avast amount of product configurations to aid in assembly and attachment schemes. For your convenience, we have made these fittings downloadable to most any CAD system.

GRC Standard cables are designed and engineered for robust performance in a variety of global industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Office Furniture and others. Produced using the same high quality materials and tooling that we currently use in Original Equipment applications, our parts will provide many years of service. GRC is certified to TS16949-2009 and ISO14001 ensuring reliable and environmentally friendly products are produced.

If from this larger selection of options you cannot find the right solution, no worries, GRC has many more product options. Call or email us at the numbers below and someone from our staff will contact you within 48-hours.*

Voice Mail -1-616-884-7075

Email -info@grcontrols.com, Enter "CableBuilder" in subject line

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- business-to-business orders only, all prototype orders require a Purchase Order
- $500 minimum order required
- Gage length shortens when conduit is routed an adjuster may be required for intial prototype.

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