Cable Systems Problem Solving

We are problem solvers at heart. As engineers, we approach challenges holistically. Our first-to-market innovative cable systems position your product for unmatched success starting with a thorough understanding of our clients' needs as well as the demanding environments of the aerospace, automotive, office, and defense applications of our control cable systems. This understanding allows us to offer holistic management strategies and a personalized customer service experience, guiding our clients through the concept and launch stages, production control and logistics, service requirements, and more.


Quality Transferred to Your Customers

Our breadth of knowledge across various industries gives us a unique, multilateral perspective and comprehensive exposure to diverse, ever-evolving consumer demands. We draw from these experiences and apply the knowledge gained to develop truly innovative cable systems. Our award-winning mechanical and electro-mechanical motion control cable systems will improve the overall performance of your product and enhance the lives of the customers who use them.


Broad Knowledge Distilled Into Technology That Enhances Lives

While there are many nuanced steps that we take when working on a project, they all follow a similar path to innovation and quality-driven success. Our cutting edge, award-winning custom control cable systems start with a highly collaborative discovery and design phase and follow through to project execution with a quality-driven, internationally renowned production system. Of course, our cable systems are not just highly regarded because of the quality parts we make; our strong commitment to customer service brings these parts together with our proactive management strategy, creating a worry-free technology implementation strategy for our clients.


Discovery and Design

At the discovery and design phase, our engineers collaborate with you to determine the most cost-effective, efficient, and dependable cable system for your application. We work within your budget, determine project functionality, and if necessary, we will develop and optimize a prototype for the conditions surrounding your product placement.



If necessary, our engineers will collaborate with your team to develop a prototype for your particular application, taking into consideration the cost, production time, and ultimate functionality of your product. Additionally, we have the ability to build cables on-site for your development project.


Test & Refine

At this phase, GRC proactively performs tests to determine part capabilities that we input into math models used in design. Additionally, we test parts to failure to identify part limits and if they meet specification.

Tool & Source

Our assembly tooling and equipment are built by GRC to maximize product consistency and assembly robustness.



Depending on the manufacturing location, we appropriately automate assembly including integrated error proofing to consistently produce superior quality parts at best cost the first time.



We are internationally and ethically minded with a presence that reaches across the globe. With operations headquarters in the U.S., and manufacturing in Europe and China, we have your global production needs covered. Our production teams have consistently won awards over the last five years for superior quality and production excellence.

GRC is proud to execute our production commitments via a global ethics policy and legal standards that include a safe work environment, a culture of professionalism and respect, fair marketplace competition, and a passionate dedication to the continual improvement of our environmental management systems for our clients and our employees.

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