Cable Release Systems Design Experts

For over 50-years GRC has proven itself as an innovative and capable cable manufacturer. In recent years, cable systems have become more complicated, and where they connect multiple cables together to operate multiple latches simultaneously. Seeing this trend early, GRC engineers developed math models to predict the performance of our cables and actuator assemblies before they were installed in the vehicles. Along with full project management support around the world, GRC also has in-house prototype services and testing capabilities that provide you with the services you need to make your designs successful.

Additionally, in some regions we offer free on-site integration engineering services. Our highly skilled integration engineer comes to your facility, develops a cable solution with you, prototypes it, and brings your product to life right before your eyes.

Our on-line Bowden CableBuilder is available 24/7 with the capability of providing you with access to CAD models for our standard fittings and components, as well as pdf drawings of the parts. GRC has made developing cable systems easy. Utilize our math models, integration engineering services and Bowden CableBuilder that offers you the ability to develop a concept that will perform and incorporate into your design in a matter of hours, not days.


GRC Cable Systems Expertise

  • Pull & Release door, seat, hood, deck-lid, etc.
  • Push-pull HVAC,choke, door lock, etc.
  • Pull-pull around pulleys, i.e. window regulator, power sliding doors
  • Static support cables, i.e. hangers, tailgate, etc.
  • Flexshaft Seat adjusters, adjustable pedals, etc.

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