Design & Application Engineering

Grand Rapids Controls is an engineering-driven company striving to provide an unmatched level of engineering support to you. As such, GRC has many engineering tools that we utilize to develop new products right the first time including math models to predict cable performance in the vehicle. Whether you require a black-box design solution or just need a part built to print, GRC engineers have a solution. Our data-driven environment demands high expectations, and performance, from all departments. A highly responsive cross-functional team helps you select the right materials, determine the best test and assembly methods, and ensures performance and cost targets can be achieved. For those that want to do-it-yourself, GRC created the Bowden CableBuilder to design cables on our website.

Once we have the design, our in-house prototype team will make samples and our well-equipped test laboratory with analyze and test to failure. In some regions, we even offer on-site part development to get your concepts working quickly.

When we receive an order, our in-house automation department will finalize the design and build a world-class production process, and test equipment that is error proofed to ensure every part that is built into specifications. The GRC development engineers have assisted customers in developing new ways to open windows or move seats, that have opened new markets or positioned their product in the market for success.

Using GRC’s engineering services saves you time designing product and results in a robust high-quality competitive product that saves you money. Our goal is to make your company look good so that opening new markets is easier and hassle-free.

GRC prides itself on delivering superior engineering support and accountability to all the customers and programs we support. Please review our case studies for specific examples of the solutions we provided to each industry we support.

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Cable Release Systems


  • Kinetic energy systems
  • Handle assemblies
  • Control cable systems
  • Window & door motion systems
  • Rotary flexshaft
  • Electro-mechanical
  • Mechanical actuators
  • Seat control modules
  • Motion modules
  • Power release systems
  • Lumbar support assemblies
  • Latch-release systems
  • Clutch systems

Scm Start


  • Program management
  • Math Models
  • Bowden CableBuilder
  • Design, build, maintain automation
  • 3D CAD design and support
  • Stress analysis, design validation
  • Mold flow analysis
  • Rapid Prototype
  • VA/VE and R&M
  • Environmental testing
  • Sound testing
  • Resin moisture analysis
  • Longevity testing
  • Production cost analysis
  • Product prototype build
  • Test fixture design and build
  • On-Site Product Development

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