Commercial & Industrial

Since our founding, GRC has helped customers develop motion control solutions for a variety of industries. Many of these solutions are unique and cover a wide variety of diverse industries including food processing, heavy truck, agriculture, lawn and garden, marine, industrial machines, sports equipment, etc. Whether you are looking for a mechanical remote control or a simple release mechanism, GRC has many standard components that could solve your challenge at low investment and cost. Whether the application is high volume or low volume, GRC has a manufacturing solution that will provide a quality product on time.

We specialize in systems that fall outside of the conventional. We provide problem-solving solutions that can simplify the entire customer experience because we have expertise in many diverse industries and application areas.

We aggregate our individual strengths in these areas to create unique solutions that are simple and cost-effective. Many times we provide highly customized solutions that make use of our vast array of standard components, thus bringing customization at near commodity prices.

We welcome unique challenges that our many make-to-print competitors do not and could not tackle. Whether it is a unique assembly, VA/VE or you have a tough problem, GRC can provide a solution.


Consumer Industries

We have the ability to produce products for many consumer industries, including healthcare, outdoor power equipment, sporting goods, appliance, and motorsports.

  • On/off controls
  • Drain controls
  • Support cables
  • Zone and drive cables
  • Throttle and choke
  • Hand brakes

OEM Products

OEM after-market replacement parts for a pushbutton start assembly. For this product we provide:

  • Engineering
  • Material selection and prototype
  • Injection molding
  • Cable production
  • Assembly
  • JIT logistics to end consumer

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