GRC is dedicated to being the global benchmark for service, quality and design!

GRC is led by an experienced group of individuals aligned around the idea of making GRC the global benchmark within the industries we serve. With a cultural history of being a responsive solution provider, we continue to focus on helping our customers achieve their goals. Driving change and innovation within GRC, a cross-functional team meets to create, track and refine our strategic plan. Over the last decade, our planning has transformed GRC into the global quality and technical leader within our industry, and we have record breaking growth as evidence that it is working.

We are committed to proactive planning in all aspects of our business. We will maintain an exceptional customer-focused environment around the world, where each employee knows how they make a difference. With our commitment to becoming the best in our industry, we are most pleased when our customers and suppliers use us as the benchmark for improving their business.


Doug Sheehan


Penny Gohn

Director of Operations

Dave Bach

Director of Engineering

Lily Wang

Deputy General Manager

Qingdao, China facility

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