Cable Control Systems & Adjusters Manufacturer

Grand Rapids Controls has appropriately integrated capabilities to ensure the highest quality and value is delivered in every part we produce. We have production capabilities in the United States, China and Europe. This global footprint allows us to proactively meet your needs. GRC’s extensive knowledge in material science and manufacturing allows us to be a supply partner to some of the world's largest companies through a products entire life cycle.

Products & Expertise

Our extensive product applications support industry leaders like Herman Miller (furniture), General Motors (automotive), and Gulfstream (aerospace). Our expertise extends to electromechanical systems, latch-release systems, and lumbar support assemblies. We provide solutions that enhance comfort, safety, and convenience which will ultimately define your brand and provide your customer with a better experience. Contact us to learn more.

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Mechanical Control Cables
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Handles & Actuators
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Accomplishments & Firsts

Our broad production capabilities stem from constantly developing innovative products and processes. GRC’s custom cable and actuator solutions have contributed to many industry firsts; including power-sliding van door cable systems, synchronized office chair armrest adjusters, and lumbar cables for automotive and office furniture seating. With nearly five decades of firsts we look forward to a bright future.

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Design Technology

Our unparalleled design technology and program management extends to a full suite of support capabilities. Aside from providing component parts to link your products to your customers, we are able to offer full design and product development engineering services. The GRC design team provides service oriented assistance which utilizes computer aided design and simulations, 3D printing, and group collaboration. Our holistic approach allows us to  provide on-site, rapid prototype services, sound testing, stress analysis, design validation, and durability testing. Whatever design services you need, our team offers solutions at every step of the process. The GRC product development group understands all stages of a program’s life cycle and can quickly and efficiently collaborate with you to make your vision a reality.

Manufacturing Process

We believe in a holistic approach to the product development process. This results in a partnership that is stress-free and allows you to focus on product design and the production process. We start with discovery and design and work our way to a production-driven solution, including product design using math models, CAD, prototype, and production tool testing. Our manufacturing services include plastic molding, zinc diecasting, riveting, ultrasonic welding, extrusion, flocking, part decorating, and inspection.  Our global manufacturing capabilities enable us to meet most mechanical cable and actuator challenges.

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