Our Mission & Principles

GRC has always strived to solve problems and provide solutions to your challenges. Our journey has allowed us to enjoy business growth in numerous industries and regions around the world. Through innovative design in our products and processes, we have been able to be highly successful in solving some of the toughest motion control problems within our industry. As a result, our control cable systems have resulted in many industry firsts and we pride ourselves in delivering smart and simple products to open new opportunities for you.

Our Mission, to provide INTUITIVE MOTION WITHIN YOUR REACH, would not be possible without a team of people, working together in trusting relationships, that desire to build a great company. Our belief, “to be the best, by being the best,” is critical to the culture and company we are striving to build. GRC has a goal to innovate in people-product-process and we have invested in our culture so that it is highly responsive, drives learning and participation, delivers high quality of work at all levels, where experience and knowledge are retained. This culture has consistently driven above expectation results in Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and Morale across GRC facilities and which has allowed GRC to enjoy significant growth. All of us at GRC want to make a difference you. Our VISION is to create: RESPONSIVE PERFORMANCE DRIVING BENCHMARK SUCCESS

Core Values

Honor is how we treat our employees, and our stakeholders. This means that we must perform the following to the best of our abilities.


Honor the sense of what you feel to do for another, seeing them as a person.


Follow processes, ask for help, gather facts, identify root causes, and do what is right.


Don’t blame, see where you may be part of the problem and correct it.


Develop technical and organizational expertise to achieve the best overall results for GRC.


Don’t wait to be told what to do, proactively look for ways to help things go right.

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