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Power sliding van door cable systems
Anti-theft side door cable
Lumbar cables in automotive seating
Power adjustable pedals flexshaft
Cable-driven, power tilt, telescope steering column
Synchronized, office chair arm rest adjusters
Cable-driven lumbar system for office chair
Cable-driven adjustable back height control
Cable-driven back lock control for office chair
Small diameter stranded conduit
Stored energy for one handle seat control
Valet cable
Program management
Design, build, maintain automation
3D CAD design and support
Stress analysis, design validation
Mold flow analysis
VA/VE and R&M
Environmental testing
Sound testing
Resin moisture analysis
Longevity testing
Production cost analysis
Product prototype build
Test fixture design and build
Die casting
Insert and over molding
Fully automated molding
Two-shot molding
Swaging and stamping
Automated assembly
Ultrasonic welding
Spin welding
Heat staking
Part decorating
Conduit manufacturing
Kinetic energy systems
Handle assemblies
Control cable systems
Window & door motion systems
Rotary flexshaft
Mechanical actuators
Seat control modules
Motion modules
Power release systems
Lumbar support assemblies
Latch-release systems
Clutch systems

Mechanical Cable and Actuator Assembly Experts in Michigan and China

Grand Rapids Controls has appropriately integrated capabilities to ensure the highest quality and value is delivered in every part we produce. We have production capabilities in both the United States and China. Our extensive knowledge in both material science and manufacturing, along with our attention to detail, allows us to be a supply partner to some of the world's largest companies, from initial concept to production.

Accomplishments and Firsts

Our broad production capabilities don't just stem from keeping up with the pack. At Grand Rapids Controls, we are constantly developing and innovating new products and processes, relentlessly dissatisfied with the status quo. We developed many industry firsts including power sliding van door cable systems, synchronized office chair armrest adjusters, and lumbar cables for automotive seating. With nearly five decades of firsts like these under our belt, we look forward to a bright future.

Design Technology

Our design technology extends to a full suite of support capabilities. Our program management is unparalleled, and we can handle every stage of your product development process, from concept development through vehicle launch. Aside from providing component parts to link your products to your customers, we are able to offer full design and product development engineering services. We can provide on-site prototype service, sound testing for acoustical properties, stress analysis and design validation, and durability testing. Whatever our customers need, our customer service offers solutions at every step of the process so that the end result is as imagined.

Manufacturing Processes

We believe in a holistic approach to the product development process, which results in a partnership that frees our customers of worry when it comes to their product design and production process. We start with discovery and design and work our way to a production-driven solution, including product design using CAD, prototype, and production tool testing. From plastic molding to zinc diecasting, riveting to ultrasonic welding, extrusion to flocking, part decorating and inspection, we can handle most mechanical cable and actuator challenges.

Products & Expertise

We supply our products to office furniture manufacturers like Herman Miller, auto companies like General Motors, and leaders in the aerospace industry like Gulfstream. Our expertise extends to electromechanical systems, latch-release systems, and lumbar support assemblies. Our products provide comfort, safety, and convenience, making your final product better for your customer.

Grand Rapids Controls is a highly responsive, customer oriented industry leader. We have a global footprint that allows us to proactively meet the needs of our clientele. Contact us to learn more.

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